Sometimes it ALL JUST WORKS! :)

Hi all,

This was one of those rare times.

Friday night my cover band got a call to see if we could play at a well-liked beach bar on Saturday night. Calendars/significant others were consulted and we said YES.

Turns out it was Oktoberfest day in this particular beach town, so we were practically guaranteed a big crowd. And sure enough, the place was packed from 8:30 to 1 with well-lubricated patrons.

We played our usual mix of mostly 90s and some 80s rock, and the crowd LOVED it. They responded well to our hot chick singer; our guitarist was in blistering form, and our bass player added his crazy-cool rhythm mojo.

Me? Well, for this one shining night, my rim shots were crisp, my tempo was accurate, my fills tasteful :) The best part was seeing not only a full dance floor, but people way off the dance floor bouncing and grooving in place.

Wifey came to this show -- it had been a while since she's made one -- and told me after our first set, "This is the absolute best I've ever seen you play." (We've been together 14 years.)

Got home at 2 am, and was at the soccer field for my nine-year-old's game at 8 am ;)

Had to share with my DrummerWorld pals; without the wisdom I've read here and tried to incorporate, Saturday night wouldn't have happened.



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There really is nothing like the high you get from making butts shake all night. Big crowds always bring out the best in me too. I remember we got asked last minute to play a local music fest and when we got there the whole town was chock full of people who love live music. Needless to say, the night went great and we ended up getting a ton of recurring gigs from that one show.


Sweet, always encouraging to hear these kinds of stories. Congrats bro sounds like alot of fun


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Sometimes it truly does! Wonderful feeling when everyone is on and you are enjoying the music. Congrats!


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Hurry up last minute decisions maybe gave the band no time to overthink things and just go out and play and have fun. Sometimes magical things happen. Great story.