Something New (that isn't another cover)


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That's cool, Jonathan. Thanks for letting us into your noodling world. That 16 & double on the kick routine is very close to one I use. I tend to use it between the ride & main hats though. Played gently, but with a huge rimshot backbeat per bar, it makes a great trucking groove. I'll give you a brain fart inducing version. Try the same routine, but par the snare down to two single shots per bar, & alternate the right hand each beat between the closed 2nd hats & the ride. Takes a bit of doing, but gives a cool flavour to the groove. Another one is the same 16 pattern between ride & main hats, but throw a heavy shuffle kick pattern underneath. Once you've nailed that, be a smart ass and bring the 2nd & 7th right hand from the ride to the main hats. Opening the hats as a triplet with the groove adds even more brain fart potential. Oooh, and another one, same 16 pattern between ride & main hats, but throw a bossanova double kick underneath.

There ya go, wibble, wibble, wibble! A mega rare technique post from KIS. That'll do for a year or so, lol!