something about this just doesn't seem right


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I love their confusion re: origin of components / country of manufacture, & good luck with levels of informed advice.

Les Ismore

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Really, is this so hard to figure out?

DW bought WalMart.

It'll be good for DW, PDP, GIBRALTAR, GRETSCH... distribution. :)


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I never knew that.......
Look at your link.

Notice the small print:

Sold by Music123 |
And link that goes to:
Walmart Marketplace gives you more choices. Hundreds of thousands of additional products are available through Walmart Marketplace Retailers approved to sell on

Over time, we will be adding new Marketplace Retailers, bringing you even more great brands and thousands of additional choices.

When you purchase an item from one of our Marketplace Retailers, the same secure checkout process and a single payment is available - just like when you purchase an item from

Walmart does not share your credit card or other financial information with Marketplace Retailers.

The Marketplace Retailer will manage and support your order, including shipping and handling, customer service, exchanges and returns.


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If you look at Best Buy's website they sell Sabian cymbals ect. They just advertize for other companies.


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I find the same type of thing with Sears every now and then when I do a Google shopping search for a music product. I notice that the price in the Sears search results is always much higher than the price anywhere else.


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I was at Walmart yesterday to get dog food, shaving cream, batteries, and an air filter for my truck and saw a DW Performance series kit on an end-cap display. I figured what the hell, and picked one up as long as I was there. ;-)

Red Menace

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They sit in between the cheetos and the shotguns...
For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know, you can walk into a Walmart, at least the ones here in Arizona, and buy both of these things.

When I used to get off work at midnight, I used to love going to my local "Wally World" as we call it and just savoring the sights and sounds of the local weirdos that came to this place at night. They're colloquially known as "Wal-martians".