Someone's son rehearsing - No Good by Kaleo

Someone's Dad

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Sent the boy on another four-day Felix School Of Rock event.

Kids of all ages and abilities are thrown together into nine different bands and given three days to choose, learn and arrange three songs for a live gig on the fourth day.

This is the classroom rehearsal video from day three - my boy hadn't heard this song before the course. Shot from a moving handheld camera, so the sound quality ain't great.

Someone's Dad

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Cheers. That video was shot by the course. But yeah, I watched the "gig" the next day with a grin. The kids get to perform their three songs on stage with enough lighting, volume and gaffer tape to make it feel real.


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Gawd, that is so cool. Kids doing something real and playing actual instruments.

Wish I had a band camp like that when I was a kid.