Some tracks from Jeff

Jeff Almeyda

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This music isn't my bag, Jeff, but that's some kick-butt playing.

You ARE as good as I'd imagined you to be.


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Wow, that's surprising. I always imagined you to be the laid back cool jazzer who doesnt really play too hard.

But yea i always knew/expected you to be quite talented, and i guess i was right :p.


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Jeff, those tracks were insane! Of course a lot of folks already knew about your highly respected chops.

I'm also not a big concentrated listener of this style but I've always appreciated the skill required to hold down the drum duties properly. What I liked about your stuff was the variety, and how it just wasn't a blast beat marathon from start to finish. There was really good variety with the fills, smooth transitions, the whole thing. And I could swear that second track, dare I say it? swung. I liked the first one too, and I understand that big time on top of the beat playing was a Lombardo trademark, but to me it was the one thing about his playing that never got me too excited, although I thought your tribute was close to dead on. It was just that the second one had more of a pocket, and I enjoyed hearing that.

I think this kind of drumming is a throw back to what may have been more innocent times. It represents what was to me a more interesting approach with older metal guys, where there weren't as many implied expectations. Sometimes I wonder if guys like Lombardo are happy with all the stock formulas that are derived from his legacy that you hear today, not so much from the top current 8-10 guys/creative guys like Tim Yeung etc/ but from the larger number of everyone else who seem almost afraid to stir it up a little, technical skills aside. I think it's probably normal for breakout drumming genres to go through this phase. Jazz certainly did.

Lately I've been getting ready to finally take the metal plunge myself. My musical styles class at AIM is requiring some of this, so I'm over at the school staring at the double pedal wondering what's in store :D

I doubt I'll ever be a convert but there's nothing wrong with getting a little closer. You learn from everything, right?

Jeff Almeyda

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Thanks guys! I sincerely appreciate your comments.

Matt, thanks for the nice comment about my feel. I take pride in making this music groove and flow. I consider that my strong point. There are tons of metal guys who can play faster than me so I have to come at this music with a more musical approach as opposed to an athletic one.

In a way, that "weakness" of mine has helped me because I never had that truly blazing (250 BPM and up) speed to fall back on as a crutch. I was forced to become creative.

Funny thing, I haven't worked on speed in a LONG time but last night I was flying at 220 (feet) so who knows? It 's the endurance that requires constant upkeep.

I have HD video of me playing these tracks but the guy who owns them is a flake and I'm trying to get them from him. If I can get them, I'll put 'em up.

Peace and thanks!


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That was very LOMBARDO esque!!!!!

He would be very proud.

You had "feel" on that song. Not many drummers have "feel" in Speed / Thrash Metal.

You certainly do.

And, you did that with the flu.


I want to see the video. So if you do get it, please post it!!!




you know that I don't really post here any more, but I sill read from time to time HAD to comment on this. First: I'm pissed with you that you didn't send me an email with the links :)

What can I say about this? It reminds me of a lot of stuff I did when I was young and wild, except that its much much better. I don't really dig the singer and almost never listen to this kind of music. But I know tons of stuff in that direction and can tell you that this is on a really high level. I'm curious to hear a final mix (this one was distorted at times and the drums were too far in the back for my taste).
The drumsound will be killin on the final mix, its already audible that you know how to hit drums and how to tune them (in case you did the tuning which I assume). I also liked the cymbalsounds a lot and how you used them.

Most importantly (and I never expected anything else): The timekeeping... man.... thats just very much top notch. Its right there where it should be. And some great chops obviously even though I find the timekeeping part more important. You have to explain me some of these tom-parts and how the bassdrum goes underneath. Thats something I always wanted to learn just for fun and to scare off my reggae-comrades, hehe.

Really good stuff, glad to find out that you are just as good as I thought you were.


Derek Roddy

ah man that's great.
It takes me back to being a teenager for sure.
More than anything though....I dig the sound. (I hate the modern day metal recordings).
It's great to hear someone take a different direction, than what is popular now.
Awesome playing too.



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Hey Jeff,

Sorry about taking so long to reply to this thread. It's been crazy lately! I'm uploading some new footage right now.

I really dig the tracks man. Very intense! This isn't exactly my bailiwick but I like what you're doing. I've heard many bands like this but I have to say your band sounds incredibly tight. I'm sure Mangini has been giving you lots of tips on this kind of playing!

Jeff Almeyda

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Thanks alot guys. I sincerely appreciate the time that you took to listen and I'm glad you liked it.

It really means alot to me when serious players appreciate what I'm doing.

Lutz: You're, right I am a tool for not sending you the songs. ;). I'm glad you like my timekeeping because I love yours. I'll show you anything you like although Ive seen your transcriptions and I know that you could do it without me. Thanks bro.

Derek: I agree. Today's modern metal sound is overly compressed and has no dynamic ebb and flow. I'm from the old school (I'm 41) and that sound is just too mechanical for me. Thanks for the compliment, you are a badass on drums and a compliment from you is incredible.

Tom: Don't sweat the slow reply. I've been so busy that I have barely been here. I owe you a comment for your recent posting so we're even. :) Thanks also for the kind words.

I'll post some more rough mixes soon. I'm getting some more this week.

Peace all