Some Ringo grooves on a 64 Black Oyster Ludwig


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If these were normal times, I’d be up at 2112 Percussion on Wednesdays and Thursdays for drum lessons. But since there’s a pandemic happening, I haven’t been doing lessons for a couple of months. Waiting to see a downward trend, and that just isn’t happening yet. But. We still have drums for sale! And in the downtime I’ve been doing some video capture work.

Recently one of the shop owners found a 1964 Ludwig black oyster kit and restored it. He then sent me home with it to make a video, so I figured it was as good a time as any to learn that drum break on Side B of Abbey Road, which I guess I did pretty well, cause YouTube ended up flagging it as unlicensed plagiarism.

These drums sound great!

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You can always stop the video and do something else with your time, ain’t nobody making you do anything.
Yep that is true. You seem a little butt hurt. No offense intended. Coming from a radio background, I learned you can hear all you need in 2 and a half minutes unless it's something spectacular. Drums sounded great as I fast forwarded through all your different tunings and mufflings. 9 minutes however was a bit long. Also the only Ringo groove was attributable to the Ludwigs not your playing.
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