Some rehearsal takes



Ha ha ha ha sorry, but I can't help but laugh at the sound of your band, not my cup of tea at all, it just seemed so dull to me, maybe its your style but just my 2 cents put some life into it. It is cool that you even put it up there for us to listen, just my opinion don't take it to heart, I listen to metal and stuff of the sort.


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Kick butt solo, Kenny. Nice chops too. Love your cymbal work on BSL.. Listening to you, I think you've got to go out there and play more..seems like you're got it all, but you're playing tentative...holding back..

my 2 cents.


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Thanks, Abe. I agree with you prognostic about holding back. The cymbal work is all on these great B8's that the studio offers me. One is cracked. I could bring my own cymbals; but these blend in so well with the five year old drum heads.

My guitar player is a McLaughlin fan so I tease him about turning that Marshall up to II. But he never does. This is actually the loudest that we've played. But I keep singing Meeting of the Spirits while slamming out the drum part. Drummers area obnoxious. I ask him when he's going to bring in some distortion pedals; but he never does. He loves JM but doesn't know the early stuff. :)