Some of our songs


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Hey everyone!

I am still newish here and have not posted anything to this category of "Your Playing" yet so I figured I would post the link to our band's Soundcloud with three of our top songs. Skip N Go Naked gets played once to twice a month here in the Harrisburg, PA area. Rastafari Cowboy just got picked up by KFMU Radio in Colorado. All three are on Pandora with a few other songs from our first EP. Don't hear them much, but occasionally they will come on. Always awesome when you get to hear it come on over the car speakers and it is not your iPhone playlist playing it.

1. Rewind

2. Skip N Go Naked

3. Rastafari Cowboy


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Nice work. If anything, I thought the cross-stick on the one-drop in Rastafari Cowboy was too low in the mix.

We're moving up to the Coal Region in a few weeks. I'd love to come see you guys live. :)


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We're moving back to PA in the beginning of June. We'll be touching down about an hour NE of H'burg approximately the 8th. (I say approximately because travel is a bitch.)