Some new gear and NYC Hard Rock vigs


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My new Luddys..Live onstage. NYC Hard Rock Cafe. 5pc kit, 1 hat, 3 cymbals. 22" kick, single pedal. This is live video camera footage, so...a decent set of headphones is in order...:)

Carrie Underwood's LAST NIGHT...(Saturday night in NYC!..:) )

Elton John's Saturday Night: (Love Nigel!) Live (On a Saturday night) in NYC!

Stevie Wonder's...SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED. Lisa Loeb comes on stage! :) SUCH a sweet person! We had great fun with this charming LADY!
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Hahaaha! Thanks Bob...yeah we had fun.. CRAZY thing...for these gigs we only get a 2 hour window to rehearse...and the guys come from all over the world to do this thing...then it's STAGE TIME BABY...but I work well under stress. And it's fun..even though I just turned 61!

Still a lot of ROCK in these ole' mean...BONES! Aw Shucks!...:)
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Bruce M. Thomson

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Wonderful, must have been killer sound because even through You Tube it sounds good.
I'm 59 so it's good to know that there are others like us still rocking on.


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Good fun, & a ton of players to keep in check. Hell, most of us have a hard enough time reigning in one guitarist!!!!