Some new cymbals (un-mic'ed)


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Soon enough i hope to rent some micing kit to record some in depth sound but i was really curious as to how my new cymbals would sound raw

This was done on my samsung galaxy s7 edge smartphone and to be honest wasnt a bad recording just to hear the cymbals.

Check it out and let me know what u think of the cymbals!

The cymbals are L-R:
14 zildjian K mastersound hh
16 paiste sig dark energy crash
9 zildjia k custom hybrid splash
18 paiste sig fast crash
20 zildjian k custom ride
18 paiste precision china

Needless to say we are currently working on a small 70s cover set for our upcoming gig. A lot of people like the CCR so we plan on covering a few from them. Again, same phone same place and same quality of recording. - fortunate son full vers - suzyQ
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Love that Paiste Sig 18. The Paiste Dark 16 was a little less giving.
Nice drumming, and your lead guitarist had great tone too. Actually the whole band and space had pretty decent sound for a smartphone.


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That was a good recording considering the source. I've got a couple Sigs. they are sweet. Congrats all of yours are sweet.