Some live Trio recordings...

Drummer Karl


Yesterday I got the first live recordings of our piano trio gig and thought I`d post some here, too. :)

Well, we played on December 30th. It was our first gig...and we had fun! The recording quality is good I think, we can`t thank our friend and sound engineer enough! The playing is okay I think, we`re not very together...I think that`s the nervousness a bit.
I finally have got a live recording with good sound quality so I can hear what to improve.

NoT EasY - an original which starts off with a free form drum solo. We wanted to play it faster than on rehearsal recordings.

Mahogany Leaves - another original.

Blue In Green - a ballad by Miles Davis.

Sunny - yep, that popular tune. Our interpretation of the song with a drum solo in the end. Our piano player once started to cut a bar. I don`t know whether it was conscious or not but it`s interesting. =)

I Hear A Rhapsody - a classic tune.

Anyway, more songs are coming, you can listen to the songs here:

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Latin Groover

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This is with the Cube kit yea? I love the tuning it sounds so melodic! The Bass drum sounds amazing, and the AGOPs as beautiful as always.
I liked your solo at the start of 'Not Easy' nice and melodic, I can definitly hear the Bill Stewart/ Ari Hoenig influence. I liked the rehearsal version better though, you all seemed more relaxed and i liked this tune at the slower tempo, it was just swinging more imo. I liked Max's playing in this version though, i like the way he developes his ideas.

Sound's like it was a great gig though. Are you playing gigs often with the trio now? Can't wait to hear some more.

How did you record?


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Sounds great Karl! I liked the Sunny interpretation. It's a classic song and you guys did it justice. Impressive friends list also. Best wishes to you and your band. Happy New Year!


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You sound great, like always! You could play more out and provoke the rest of the band, but that sort of development will come in time, I'm sure.

Drummer Karl

Thanks for your comments, those are very welcome!
I recorded with a set of Samson mics: Bass, snare, toms. Our sound engineer placed two overheads a few feet away from the set. The grand piano got three mics and the bass one.
Unfortunately I don`t know more about the mixer and the program he used...I think it was Cubase.

We don`t sound as relaxed as we do when rehearsing or even when recording elsewhere. It was our first gig, I think our sound gets more relaxed and improves with more gigs. We`ll have another "official" one in May but since there`re five months in between we`re gonna try to play out more till then (various clubs in the region).

By the way, I just uploaded some more songs.


Tom Sawyer

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Wow, that sounds great. You are playing damn good, you have my respect.
It must be awesome to have people your age who know and love the same music as you.
You guys will be an amazing band if you keep it together.


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Nice stuff. The originals are really solid. Your drumming is also solid. ON some of the ballads I like to go for a little abstraction, like a Paul Motian or David King. That kind of playing can really create nuance and drama.

Drummer Karl

Thanks very much.
When I`ve got some time I`m gonna upload another one or so. Moreover, I made a small video for Lars (Cube Drums). It`s kind of a praise video mixed with some facts about the company, some of the live music and some audio comments.
I just noticed that I do speak slow! :-D

I`ll keep you updated about the video and more recordings.


The Colonel

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The drumming is all very nice - although a bit "safe" I think... Someone else mentioned it too - take a few risks - especially the first gig (what do you have to lose?)

The pianist seems to be trying to fit every possible idea into a very short space on the uptempo sections... the down tempo parts are really nice in Mahogany Leaves - and there are some nice ideas here and there afterwards, but something seems a little forced - not as "organic" as I'd be into... The brush playing has a very nice relaxed feel throughout (what's that weird reverb-y thing at the beginning?) The flurries and thereafter are my favorite parts of your playing here.

I liked the open solo on Not Easy. A splash of Matt Wilson in there with the textures/dynamics - very nice. Wish you'd propel the pianist a little more than you do here - curious as to how much his solo in this song is pre-planned - if at all - does the solo seem to follow the same path/ideas? Just wondering if you're trying to stay out of the way of what you know is coming perhaps...? Dunno why I thought that...But yeah - the drums sound just as good as the ride cymbal - don't forget to hit those too!

Sunny was enjoyable - very nice playing throughout - and hints of Karl-busting-out towards the end! Yes!

Don't have time to listen to the ballads today - I'm off to do jazzy things in the jazzy city of LA today. Jazzes to do, jazzers to see.

Nice stuff Karl. Your playing is solid throughout. My own tastes go hot and cold with the others in the trio, but just moments here and there. Overall, I'd totally be digging it if I were there (come play at my place in LA!) Looking forward to more.

Ah - Blue in Green while I was typing all of that and deleting it and then retyping and thinking about whether that last paragraph was necessary but I'm leaving it in there...

Nice brushwork - but as Delta said - I'd like more. But the piece is really nice - my favorite of the bunch I think - that and Mahogany, I'd say.

Okay gotta go!

Drummer Karl


Sorry for the late response, I didn`t see that your reply was there and new actually. :-D
Thanks very very much for your criticism! I really appreciate your thoughts and tips, I`ll keep it in mind!

I couldn`t agree more with your statement that it has been a bit too "safe". We were really enjoying it...the thing is that it was our first gig in a very popular and well-known club.
It`s like the "Blue Note" of this town. Many experienced musicians were there to - yes, you can almost say - "judge" our work. Of course it`s not as strict as this but as a young trio we were a bit nervous, too.
Mh, our pianist`s solo wasn`t planned at all. Came out sudden...haha, I don`t know what I consciously did. =)

We`ll keep up working on ourselves...and playing gigs. You know that we`d love to play out in L.A... :)

Thanks again!