Some great news to share!


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Guys & guyettes,

as many of you will know, I've been working with Dean of Guru Drumworks over the past year, developing new drum concepts. Today, we decided to formalise that arrangement, & I'm now officially a member of the Guru Drumworks team!

I'll be handling all customer correspondance, marketing activities, artist relations, & partnering with Dean in the design/development of the Guru Drumworks range. This allows Dean to focus on developing production processes & everything else involved in making these beautiful instruments.

I think we'll make a great team, & I'm excited about where the journey can take us.

Bo Eder

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Congrats, Andy! I hope the new venture seriously takes off. Especially since they have you out playing the product for people to see!


Great stuff Andy! You're no longer 'that weird guy that hangs around at the booth' and instead you're 'that weird guy that hangs around in the office'. Good work!

You know what I think about the drums and I'm glad that you can be a proud member of a really great company. I love the products and they're some of the finest drums made in the World today.


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I've still not seen/heard these mysterious new drums, where can I do either of those things? And many congratulations, sounds an exciting next step in this venture!


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Hey if the company wants a tax writ-off or what-not
I'm volunteering to accept the free custom kit for protion/marketing sake...LOL

Need any product testing./review?

send them drums over my way...heehee

Seriously though, sounds like a dream job..

good luck!!


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I look forward to the video when it surfaces...assuming I've not missed that as well.
Thanks for the good wishes guys, & Ben, with luck, that video will be on here tomorrow evening.

I've scaled down my day job, & that has released more time for me to indulge in my passion. It's a great opportunity for me to combine a number of skills I've picked up over the last few decades. Just a pity being a super skilled drummer isn't one of them. I'll leave that to the true artists we'll associate with in the future.

Although Guru Drumworks is a company, it really consists of Dean (who builds every drum personally), a sprinkling of enthusiastic part time volunteer helpers, & now me. We intend to grow the company, but never to the point of significant volume production. It is, & will remain, an artisan centred venture.

last man to bat

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That is great news KIS, I just checked out their website and of all the drum companies to get involved these guys, and now you, look like you have some really cool ideas. Congratulations :)


"Uncle Larry"
Andy that's great news! Congratulations! OK I want a set of drums made from hollowed out maple logs, can you do that?


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Congrats. Good news for one of the good guys. Best of everything in your new endeavour.


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Andy that's great news! Congratulations! OK I want a set of drums made from hollowed out maple logs, can you do that?
Thanks again everyone for your generous support, it really is appreciated.

As for your request Larry, in theory, yes. Dean certainly has both the knowledge & the gear to do that, including a lathe that will turn drums up to 28", but I think we're best sticking to what we know for now, stave, steambent, & segmented constructions.



I too want to chime in and congratulate you on your new endeavor! Isn't it nice to be so involved in something you love and have a passion for?

Joe Morris

Good for you man, sounds like an exciting oppurtunity for you. I have two questions just right off the bat: The black string like stuff going from rim to rim . Does that have anything to do with head tension or is it just for show?

Where can I hear a kit like that. I would love to hear it. I am a big fan of wood hoops although i have never found the sound i'm looking for.



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Nice!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you!! it's nice to see all your hard work pay off!! i am sure that it will be a great endeavor.