Some General Ludwig Questions


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Hello all!

I have a 13" Ludwig Rocker tom from the 80's that I converted to a floor tom for my little compact kit, and a silly as it may seem, I love how it sounds. It has this warm, soft thump that just sounds right to me, and that's with a clear Remo pinstripe head. So now, I've been looking at Ludwig kits and I'm just curious which line would give me a similar sound. I'm looking at Classic Maples, Club Dates, and Keystone kits. There are also tons of vintage Club Dates and so on from the 60's and 70's on Reverb that I've been looking at. So my question is which of these lines of Ludwig, either newer or vintage, are most likely to give me me a similar fat, warm sound I'm getting from the Rocker tom. Please educate me!


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FYI.....General Ludwig who served the Union during the civil war passed away in 1894. His grandson William went on to make a name for himself after leaving his position as soda jerk for Granger's five and dime.'ve mentioned finding kits that will give you similar sound to a rocker tom. The kits you mentioned are far superior to the rocker line and all very nice. You need to find a store that has them and play them so you can decide for yourself. Iit's a personal thing and kind of like me asking which model Toyota do you recommend that's comparable to the Corolla? Good luck on your search.


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I agree the Classic Maple is just about the closest.

Rocker had a 4-ply maple/poplar shell with no re-rings and a fairly sharp 45* bearing edge. Classic Maple has a 7-ply all maple shell that's about the same thickness, also without re-rings and fairly sharp 45* bearing edges.

They aren't as plentiful as they once were (and they're not always as cheap, either) but you might want to consider picking up some more vintage Rocker drums if that's really the sound you're looking for. I'd recommend budgeting for replacing all of the lugs (the Rocker lugs are really prone to breaking) but the actual shells themselves sound outstanding.