Solution for multiple bands, with a band logo'd kick head?


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Well, after all the suggestions, I tried attaching a piece of black fabric to the rim of an old broken drum head. (I cut away most all of the head, leaving about an inch around the ring to attach the fabric.)

Then, how to attach it? I hoped to back out two of the lugs and use them, but they were just about 1/4" too short. So, ghetto solution...two short thin bunjie straps! And damned if it didnt work. I was really pleased.

I took a photo, but am having a helluva time loading using my phone. If I get a chance to transfer it to my pc, I'll try and show y'all.

Good thing is it ought to be cheaper to get a logo printed on fabric than another logo'd head, and far easier than switching them out completely.


Glad you found a solution. I was gonna suggest what I've been doing for years: I print whatever I need on paper and just use a tiny piece of tape in each corner. No one will notice. 1 of these 3 have the logo printed on the head (actually spray painted using a template), the other 2 are printed on paper and taped.