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Hi everyone,
In my band, we play covers that we personalise a bit, 45 songs by now, we're far from pro but doing quite well, with real personality even if it's just covers.
In a classic rock song, 4/4 straight 120bpm, I do a drum solo, thought it was a good idea, it flows well with the guitar and bass playing softly and we get back to normal chorus after the drum solo. Till now, we've done quite fine, even if the singer doesn't always find her moment to catch the train after the solo.
It is still a bit blurred.
I'm not that satisfied with my solo that I judge not creative enough, being obliged to keep straight rhythm while soloing is a difficulty to me. I quickly find it too repetitive.
Do you have good example of solos like that (inside a song, keeping rhythm), I know it's frequent in jazz, but in pop rock context maybe I could get some inspiration from others.
Thank you very much folks ;-) I would appreciate some good examples
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Alex Sanguinetti

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The answer to your question is: "learn your theory", because fills and solos are just replacements of notes (rhythms too), meaning, ex,: if you want to fill or solo for x bars or "beats" knowledge on subdividing that space in any possibility with rests and notes. Then is just the ability to play those possibilities.

Whatever, here some examples you required:


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Thank you guys for your tips,
Unfortunately that's not really what I'm looking for ;
I give you an example with a bloody great jazz solo, where the music fades and Rich is soloing, at the end they get back to the song.
After 2:30
A bit extreme as an example though, but this for the idea even if in this example there is no bass or guitar back up but you get the idea.

I was wondering if you ever had other example for rock ? The only perfect Rock example I have of soloing within the groove would be Space trucking' by Deep Purple (at 2:45)

Would have others ?


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Check out Queen....Keep Your Self Alive. Easy and straight forward.

Yes ! That’s the idea - I didn’t remember these part even though I like old Queens.