Solo East Africa - Experiences?


Hey everyone! So I am looking at being in Tanzania and area this October/November. Very excited, I've always been drawn to the idea of being on the great continent and watching the sunrise over the Serengeti. I'm also rather nervous, as I have fairly limited travel experience and will be travelling alone for the first time ever. Does anyone have any experience in meeting people abroad? I've been told that you will find people in similar circumstances, and often can get a group together to do a Safari tour etc. Is this something I can expect to happen just by being around certain areas, or do you recommend particular websites for such a thing? I don't mind being solo, but going with a group should help bring the costs down, as well as maybe provide a little bit of comfort should things go sideways (apparently when they do in Africa, they REALLY do).

Any suggestions on places/things to experience, or maybe more importantly NOT experience? So far I have no itinerary booked, but am thinking a day or two in Dar Es Salaam, maybe a week in the plains/Kilimanjaro region, then finish up with some solid relaxation at a decent resort on Zanzibar Island. I'd love to dive with the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, but it sounds like it may not be a good idea for someone like me who has never even snorkelled before.

Thanks for you insight!


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Why are you on a drum forum?

But since you are, Tanzania is a life changing experience. There is nothing more spectacular and awe inspiring than the Serengeti.

It is pretty well established tourist destination, so no great fer of the unknown lurking out there.

Tanzania can be done in many ways, budgets, areas of interest, times of year etc.

I'd reccomend hooking up one of the many reliable East african tour operators and put an iten together basis the above.

good luck, and here is a picture I took from my camp in Namiri Plains, Serengeti

Camp Male lions camp bkgnd dw.jpg