Sold my gear, to buy a car, to get to work, to buy more gear...


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Unfortunately I had severe car problems resulting in me having to sell off my brand new Yamaha stage custom :/

I then also had to sell off all my pedals, stands, and cymbals. :(

Good thing I still have my Luddie. :)

But nothing to play it with. :(

At least my new-to-me 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i is a solid deal.

Selling my Jeep for $500 this weekend to try and rebuild my kit.

Oh, the pangs of being a musician.


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I believe that's what they call the circle of life for a drummer!

Sorry to hear your troubles but it sounds as if you're starting to get things back together. Good luck!


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Been there, done that! Years ago I sold my kit to buy a, gulp, minivan. 3 kids later, purchased new gear. The circle of life for a drummer, as mary O says......

Jeremy Bender

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I feel your pain brother, I had to sell my Sonor snare drum years ago to get the electricity and telephone turned back on. I'm currently selling a Yamaha snare and some Paiste cymbals to pay for emergency car repairs.
At least with some gear it's a fairly liquid asset that allows you to get cash quickly.


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I called the shop and since I've been doing business with them since they opened they agreed to sell me back all my gear only at 10% if i do it within 30 days.

so THAT'S cool!


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I have a no name black oyster kit from the 70's that I would sell for $150. It has new heads (emps over ambs) and is 20, 12, 16. The heads are most of the value.

I live in southwestern CT though.

Jonny Sumo

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real sad dude; we have to get a car to go to work to pay for gas and a car and to pay for a house that we're rarely in and bills for the same house that we're rarely in. don't know about anyone else but I spend more waking hours in work than at home....
BUT I was homeless for 5 months a few years ago; lived in my car and worked as a taxi driver...down side was not 'being' side was when I did my last job I was already home!!
sorry you had to sell your stuff bro...sux huge...