Software to make drumless tracks


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Is there any software out there that offers this?

Im seeing this drum covers in youtube with the Vocals + Instruments with no Drums so there must be a way for them to doing this

EDIT: For windows by the way
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There isn't.

DAW software will let you put the two stereo tracks out of phase and then add some EQ to get some of the drums out of the mix but fundamentally there is no way of getting rid of an instrument that covers the whole frequency spectrum after stereo mixdown. We have this question a lot.

The people on YouTube have either bought a drumless version or have masked it with their own part.


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How about Audacity? I do have Guitar Pro back when I was still playing the guitar but Im not quite sure if it supports vocals


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You can't do it, at least not in the sense you're thinking.

When a song is recorded, everything is recorded as a separate track, so you might have 10 tracks for the drums, 3 for guitars, 2 for vocals and 1 for bass.

When the track is mixed and recorded onto a CD, what you're hearing is where everything has been merged into a pair of stereo tracks. These stereo tracks contain *all* of the information. You can no longer separate an instrument from the mix. And there is no way you can rip a CD to the computer and get those tracks back - you need to have the original studio tracks to do it.

So basically, if you have a file with an extension like .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .aac, etc., then there's no way you're going to be able to do it.

So then you have to refer back to what BacteriumFendYoke said above.

And I would agree that what you're hearing on Youtube is not a drumless track for the most part, but their playing masks the original drums - it's not hard to do, especially if your playing is tight.

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The only way to really make drumless tracks from original music is to have the master tracks and remove the drums.

However.....the Rockband and Guitar Hero games use licenced original music and their games require drumless tracks to play along with. They obviously had access to the master tracks and separated the drum thracks on their CD's.

If you have the Rockband/Guitar Hero CD's, you can somehow get into the files and separate the tracks.

Google .oog files and search "isolated tracks"

Someone had done this to several hundred tracks and, if you search hard enough, you can find them hosted on one of the file sharing sites.


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How about Audacity? I do have Guitar Pro back when I was still playing the guitar but Im not quite sure if it supports vocals
Nope. Not for original tracks. Guitar Pro will give you a MIDI representation of the track (and some of them with the right software instruments are very good) but it won't be the original track. Audacity is about as powerful as any wave editor out there but can't do it either.

It's like trying to separate the ingredients in a cake mix. Once they're together, there's no way you can get them apart.


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Pretty sure that Roland R-Mix is the best thing out there for taking apart mixes. You still can't perfectly remove or isolate one thing, but you can get most of it.

Not sure how it works, but from the website:

-View the elements of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and frequency matter onscreen
-Freely select and manipulate any element within a stereo mix
-Create “minus-one” type karaoke files from existing songs by lowering the level of the pre-recorded vocal or any other instrument you select basically wizards n' sh*t.

In audacity, try importing a song, then splitting the stereo track to two mono tracks, then inverting the phase of one of them. Also make sure to turn them both down at least 6 dB. A lot of the kick and snare should go away, since they're in the center of the mix and usually have little stereo width.

Also, a lot of the music for the guitar hero games and possibly rockband too are re-recordings made for the game. Did anyone actually think they were hearing Sting on "message in a bottle" for guitar hero 2?