Software recommendations for "mashups"?


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If you've heard songs where the lyrics from one song are played with the music from another, you know what I mean. What is a good basic pc/vista compatible program for such things as manipulating pitch and speed and laying down multiple tracks? My main concerns are simplicity and budget. I don't want anything too complicated, just something to have fun with and do a little experimenting.


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If you have a Mac, the included Garageband lets you easily slide/line-up vocal tracks against instrumentals.

I've used Acid and ProTools, but I prep and slice vocals in Sound Forge before dropping them in.) Of course, none of those are free or included with the OS.

Audacity is indeed free, and while I don't like it as an audio editor, it's great for decoding/converting certain audio files.

There are lots of great multitracks, RockBand tracks, and 'pellas out there... just look around.



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Audacity is indeed free, and while I don't like it as an audio editor, it's great for decoding/converting certain audio files

Bermuda, I haven't tried the other editors so I can't compare. I've heard good things about the other programs you mentioned.

I used to use CoolEdit - now taken over by Adobe and called Audition - but lost it when I got a new PC. It wasn't a big learning curve when I switched to using Audacity and I didn't lose much functionality, but I'm only using a small portion of what the programs can do.
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Thanks for the input, guys. To be clear, I have a pc running Windows Vista (Home Premium, I think). I want to mix samples of pre-recorded tracks, and possibly create tracks as well, and I'll need to be able to match pitches and alter tempos. Is this something that one of the programs does better, and/or with an easier learning curve, and/or cheaper?


I've done some experimenting on a few programs that are popular, and I still like the Magix interface a little better. I'm using an older version of Magix Audio Studio 7 the newer version is Samplitude 15 I believe. The Pitch and Time re-sampling is a one click tool window with easy to read for BPM and track Length. Both Samplitude and Music Maker have a few instruments built in, but they are limited. But the program offers sound-bank downloads for pre-recorded clips of different instruments. Where you run into the expense is adding on DXi and VSTi virtual instruments. What you can do however; is download a free trial from Magix web-site, it only allows 1 min tracks. But it should give you an idea of how the interface works. I think most brands probably offer a trial, but nothing you can publish with.

The other brand I thought was user friendly...Mixcraft Acoustica, but I wasn't impressed with the instrument tones. But it did seem like the basic package offered more sounds and instruments.

The other thing that I have done; is buy a few of the new magazines out for music and recording technologies, the ones that have a free sample disc. You usually can't use the programs, but alot of them have free sample sounds and plug-ins for the available software.

You may also be able to find a site on-line that offers video tutorials for using certain programs. That way you could at least see how the different programs are set-up.
I know they have sites dedicated to Tut's for 3D design, there should be something
available for recording musicians.

I did a bit of research recently when I was thinking of up-grading, so let me know if you
have a question about a certain brand. I may have taken a peek at it. Theres probably some people here with more experience with the newer programs, but if I can help...


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Right now I'm looking at Tracktion 3 by Mackie. I have found some tutorials online that make it sound like it does quite a bit on its own without having to use multiple software programs, but then I have also read some bad user reviews, although most of what they say wouldn't apply to me other than complaints about lack of support from the company.