Software Drumming: DAW Benefits over Standalone


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With "Software Drumming" (= using your e-drum hardware as a midi controller triggering external sounds from a computer) you can achieve the best-sounding results in drum sound. And you can go far beyond the common features and possibilities of acoustic drum instruments.

You can play "Software Drums" using a drum sampler's standalone app (if this is a feature provided by the manufacturer) or you can play the drum sampler as a plugin inserted as a virtual instrument in a host DAW.

Now let's look at the benefit you'll get using the latter method. This benefit is achieved by the MIDI-editing of an able host.

In general the advantage of course is track-sequencing (recording and playback of midi and audio tracks within the "arranger").
Furthermore there is the possibility to tweak your sound using third-party supplier's DSP software (and hardware) of your choice! (e.g. "VST plugins").

Now let's come to special and detailled benefits. Not every host (and/or version) offers the same!... So I'll give "Cubase Artist/Pro" benefits examples:

- note remapping (in case your drum sampler lacks this feature - e.g. EZDrummer2, most Kontakt drum samplers...).

- dynamic setting for each of the articulations (in case your drum sampler lacks this feature - e.g. EZDrummer2, most Kontakt drum samplers...) -> very important!.

- "Variable Hihat": high detail hihat CC remapping -> every input value can be changed into a wanted output value (in case your drum sampler lacks this feature - e.g. EZDrummer2, most Kontakt drum samplers...). You decide what pedal position will trigger a certain hihat open-closed stage. And skip stages of your choice if you don't want them.

- positional playing (in case your e-drum hardware is able but your drum sampler lacks "Positional Sensing" - e.g. EZDrummer2, most Kontakt drum samplers...).

- note switch (round robin notes): e.g. play two bassdrum sounds with one pad in order to get real doublebass feeling. But also different pads and not only bassdrum sounds are possible.

- dynamic stages trigger different sounds (e.g. your snare rim cannot split notes for "rim click" and "rim shot", or you want two "dynamic zones" trigger two different sounds on one pad. ...In case your drum sampler lacks this feature).

- "Variable Hihat" fixes: workaround for the Toontrack/Slate issue and its shaky sound artefacts. Fixes also everything else (like for example the GrooveAgent hihat).

- Playalong music with sync'd audio-, video-, drum editor tracks (practise by playing along bar-quantized loops).

- Play melody sequences on a single drum pad (with the additional software "Bidule" it is even possible to play/trigger orig. (hardware) synthesizers the way a synth player plays and not only samplers!). Be not only the drummer but also the synth player and make full and ready music.

- erase unwanted double (or more) triggers from cheap trigger hardware that lacks settings (suppress by time range): the main benefit could be that (imagine your module's trigger inputs are all plugged - no chance to plug a further Crash or you can use for example an additional cheap Medeli cym pad connected to a cheap multi pad like Alesis "PercPad"... :cool: be continued...

BTW: as you can see you can pimp up drum samplers that are pretty weak at e-drumming and make them powerful like a flagship drum sampler (like SuperiorDrummer). This is a very strong benefit of an able DAW! :)
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- Cymbal choking: remap polyphonic aftertouch in order to reach any sampler's cymbal. Example: you just have mapped a different cymbal in your drum sampler and you want it to react on choking. Using this method you can also mute a cymbal by choking a not referring cym-pad or you can even choke it with all of your cymbal pads! :cool:


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SuperiorDrummer-, EZDrummer-, SSD5-, GrooveAgent- Variable Hihat Fix will compensate the lack of consistent or free-of-artefact hihat translation

You've got issues with sound containing unwanted artefacts from the variable hihat when e.g. slowly closing the hihat (like described here) or unwanted "splash sound" when stepping? Or the variable hihat doesn't work properly at all like sometimes in GrooveAgent (btw playing theGA SimonPhillips-Packs is a high end sound experience...)

Well here comes the answer to such hihat issues! (as I think you'll wait for ages for Toontrack's or StevenSlate's or Steinberg's e-drumming fixes):

I've developed a midi workaround within the hosts [Cubase , Bidule , AbletonLive]: With it you can play the variable hihat without the mentioned drum samplers processing any CC data! So this will stop any unwanted behaviour and sound artefacts. Of course you can customize the variable hihat and determinate the open-(or closed-)stage for any pedal positon (module's CC input value) and/or skip stages you don't want...

I'll share my workaround and will give support for it via internet for a donation. So if you are interested let me know by PM.


"Toontrack" variable hihat --> "stepping": unwanted open sound FIX

No more hihat "stepping" issues!

When you are stepping the hihat and suffer from unwanted open sounds ("pedal splashes") you can have this annoying behavior fixed!

The Hihat Engine of the drum software manufacturer "Toontrack" along with the MIDI output from e.g. Roland modules is ineligible for "stepping" (= fast and continuously played pedal notes). The same operating principle which provides "hihat splashes" will add unwanted open-(pedal-)sounds when playing "stepping" hihat lines.

My workaround* provides the ability to swap the hihat engine while playing (e.g. per pad stroke) : if you want to produce "hihat splashes" you'll have to choose the original "Toontrack" engine ; if you want to play the "stepping" you'll have to switch to my hihat engine which won't allow transitions triggered by sheer hihat controller data.

My hihat engine part is individually settable to achieve any controller translation possible and therefore will match one-to-one with the set translation in e.g. "Superior Drummer".

I'm sharing my workaround for free and will individually set it up for your hihat pad/controller/curve (you are invited to donate to keep me providing software fixes and personal support). PM when interested.

*system requirements: Host DAW: "Cubase (Artist or Pro)" or "Ableton Live (Suite)" or "Bidule" (Bidule is the most affordable (95$), you can try the Demo versions of all mentioned hosts for free)

Here's some video stuff from people who criticized the issue (until they got it fixed using my workaround).

"SD3_pedal issue_video" : the last 2 pedal strokes in the video were played as dedicated "Pedal Splashes". Before them there was stepping with increasing tempo.

Modules were Roland (TD-27).
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