SO what annoys you? (The so is on purpose)


"Uncle Larry"
Pretty much anything goes, not restricted to...anything. Everybody needs to vent once in a while.

Just off the top of my head...

That rat bastard Phil lol.

When driving, it annoys me when the first guy in line who has the left turn green arrow takes their sweet old time, when 5 more cars could have made it through the intersection. Then there's the 2nd guy.

People who put their cigarette butts out in their food make me want to hurl.

Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
Members who hijack threads of other members... which I do on a regular basis.

Yeah... the first guy/girl in line at the traffic line, it drives me nuts.

Sometimes I annoy myself... often, actually.

Drunk people when you're sober.

Sober people when you're drunk.

The fact that I cannot play my drums at the moment.


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People who start completely subjective threads. You know, like that one where it asks what annoys you. Oh wait.......


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when people in craigslist ads or message boards presume TYPING EVERYTHING IN CAPS WILL SELL THEIR CYMBAL FASTER OR MAKE THEMSELVES HEARD.


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This is going to make me really seem like a jerk, but I absolutely cannot stand to hear children singing. They're so whiny.

It's like fingernails on a chalkboard...which oddly enough doesn't bother me at all.


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People who don't know how to listen and interrupt the speaker before they get to their point.
People who don't use their signal lights.
The wind when riding my bicycle. It is always in my face blowing hard. I could be riding in a circle on my driveway and it would not matter.
Being in a car with one other individual and they decide that it is time to make a call to someone else, so I can hear a half sided conversation. Seriously, we are in a car and there are only two of us. You can't talk to me?
Killing is okay........


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People who make me give my newest and most favourite recipe book to their mother for her birthday, because they couldn't get hold of a copy, having left it till the last minute to look.


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Stickers on products - grrrrrr. If you must use stickers, put them on the packaging, or at least use some form of low tack adhesive. Pointless marketing/info stickers welded on to the nice shiny product with industrial strength gunk that refuses to come off - ever ------ pleeeeease stop it!


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Stickers on products are bad enough...but on fruit!

It's ok on fruit that you peel...but on apples/peaches/nectarines. What the actual fcuk?


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Stickers on products are bad enough...but on fruit!

It's ok on fruit that you peel...but on apples/peaches/nectarines. What the actual fcuk?
I think they're in order to identify the variety of fruit so they can be priced accurately at the till.

If you find them irksome, you clearly don't have enough to worry about!


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Musicians(mostly drummers) who post something like.."Hey guys,I'm going to upgrade my snare soon,and I want to know which one to get?"'re NOT upgrading your're buying a NEW one.That's NOT upgrading.Upgrading is,improving an existing drum,which it completely different, from buying new.

Now if you were to REALLY upgrade you present snare,you may change to better heads, better wires,or a better strainer ,or better quality hoops...ect. on the SAME drum.THAT is upgrading.Rant over.

Steve B


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Hypocrites and people who are too cowardly to confront somebody face to face so they go behind their back like the scummy little weasel they are.


"Uncle Larry"
Packaging. They over pack some stuff that is basically indestructable with plastic that has actually ended lives. But then you go buy a light bulb and they put 2 in a cardboard sleeve.
Silly humans.