So the local Bust/Best Buy is closing it music shop...


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I guess it was just a matter of time. I stopped in the neighborhood Best Buy last night and clearance signs were all over the music department. They didn't have much drum gear that I was interested in, but I admit it was sad to see another brick and mortar music store closing. It was fun to physically walk in and sit behind one of their demo kits to kill time while the kids shopped for game gear the past few years.

Ah, but that's the way retail is going. Especially with the online market nowadays.
If you have one nearby, check out the sales. Industry analysts expect the same to happen to the rest of BB's retail inventory. Good sales also online.

I'm a little sad, but I did manage to pick up a 5 pc DW Collector's kit and snare and DW9000 hardware at 43% off 3 years ago. Oh well...


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I was always curious whether the Best Buy music departments would catch on. There was a lot of controversy about it when they began testing them in a few stores a few years ago, particularly whether GC or other local music stores would be affected by it.

But I'm not really surprised that the music departments didn't do well. Perhaps it was too little too late? Not such a great drum selection, but certainly enough accessories and basic guitars, amps and keys to satisfy a good percentage of players most of the time. Maybe 10-15 years ago, with a healthier MI industry and economy in general, it might have taken hold, for a while. With Best Buy in trouble lately though, I suppose it would have been a matter of time before they went away anyway.

The good news is, they have some nice discounts in the ones that are closing.


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I haven't seen evidence of this in the West Covina, CA Best Buy yet. Heck, they still expect people to pay for those $5500 stoves they have, along with the $4000 fridgerators. I guess people in my area think they're rich. I think the DVD sales they have at rock-bottom prices is what keeps them afloat.


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I'll have to go check the one near me. If they're closing it, I might be able to get odds n' ends relatively cheap. They actually had some half-decent cymbal selection there.


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There is only one Best Buy with music gear anywhere near me. And it's always near empty, dark, with no one working in it.

I've stopped buy every once in a while when I hear they're blowing out this or that, but they never have much drum wise to blow out.


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I'll have to go check the one near me. If they're closing it, I might be able to get odds n' ends relatively cheap. They actually had some half-decent cymbal selection there.
The local cymbal collection was actually fairly supplied. Lots of K's.


I find this thread interesting. I have only seen one Best Buy with a music department here in Ontario, Canada. There are apparently 2. There have been rumours of its closing but the staff insists that isn't so. Perhaps that's wishful thinking on their part.

I did notice that their online store here in Canada no longer carries Mackie. At least a search for Mackie returns no results. I purchased 2 Mackie mixers from Best Buy last year.

I've also noticed that they have huge clearances on products. I missed out on a wildly discounted Ampeg bass amp (I'm a closet bassist).

As far as drums though this store has a few low-end electronic kits and that's it. They have a great stock of guitars and electronic goodies though (for anyone in Ontario reading this - the store is in Barrie).
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I was in the Best Buy in Riverside this afternoon. I think they had some clearance prices on guitars, but since I'm not a guitarist I didn't pay much attention. Back in the drum corner there was a lot more room but all the stuff was tagged at the regular price. I think that maybe they're just not replenishing stock.


I don't believe it's going to make a hugh difference if Best Buy's drum department stays or goes. I heard about six month ago from one of the managers that they were clearing them out. I think I bought one head there that was on sale, so to me it really doesn't matter. Now if the GCs were to fold, that would definitely cause a stir with many of the mom & pop shops.



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I think each store is different. At the one here, I've never seen more than one acoustic kit there, and it's not set up, but broken down and stored on a rack. Usually only a snare or two also.

Being a consumer electronics type store though, they do keep a couple electronic kits set up to try out - a Pearl and a Roland, I think. They also have some electronic multi-pads.

They have a pretty good selection of heads, some smaller percussion stuff, and a few cajons, and things like that.

What surprised me was the cymbals. Not a huge amount of them, but every time I go in there, I see (and hear) some cymbal that tempts me to bring it home. LOL

I don't buy a lot of stuff there, but it's close and handy, and I wouldn't like to see it close down.