So many Ludwigs have no identifying characteristics

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Does anyone know why so many Ludwig snares have no model number anywhere on the drum? Even just a stamp on the inside would be enough. It seems like I have to be Encyclopedia Brown to tell them apart or just trust that a seller is telling me the truth about the model.

Devin F.


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Apart from a period where Ludwig had paper tags inside each shell, you're right. And even then, they had the model number, not a name/series.

With Ludwig, you have to know shell type & design, lug type, throw-off type, and where possible, the plies and edge style of the shell. But you must also be familiar with weight, so you can tell if a chromed 6 1/2" snare is aluminum, or brass underneath. And you may also be fooled by hardware that is sometimes swapped out.

It's a little bit of a science, and mostly experience. There are Ludwig facebook groups filled with pros where you can post pictures and dimensions, or you can try and asking here. :)