So, I'm going to make a somewhat unique drum video, and I need your help


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I think its just that. Sorry to make this into a discussion about odd sigs but I disagree. I think most listeners would agree that songs like that just sound like noise with no groove.

I am fine with it and its beyond me at this point but I think its music for other musicians. The second link you posted wouldnt play for me but the first was just confusing. Cool but hard to get into. I want to tap my foot or nod to a back beat.
So tap the 1/8th notes! But I guess we'll agree to disagree here. :) But I'd like to get your opinion on shorter odd times such as 5 or 7. For instance, Take Five by Dave Brubeck, would it have been more groovy in 4/4? No...

Play the money beat for 3 minutes straight, with no fills and a straight face, and end with tapping the bell of your ride cymbal. THAT's not on youtube.
Sorry but, it's already been done many times on youtube. "I want to give you a very valuable lesson, just play this very beat for 3 minutes". Yep.
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I agree Sjogras- well said.

Heres another idea- you could compose a number of beats that all use two handed 16ths on the hats with all the kicks on the L hand hits. I would like to see some of that.