So I put some ear plugs in


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Now work out what the EQ curve of those ear plugs is, find a flat-EQ mic and have fun.

Right on MFB. I was going to say they tend to work as an EQ in cutting out some frequencies. I have some SkullCandy in ear phones that make my drums sound less resonant but make the cymbals all but audible. With the right electronics you can make them sound as you wish: the main reason all drums seem to sound alike when recorded.
To me any way.


I will admit that sometimes my drums do sound a bit better with ear plugs in, my cymbals really don't though - they sound over-compressed. Right now I'm working on my guitar tone and I'm really getting somewhere with that.


W/o plugs, for instance, the stick slap and overtones from my floor tom drown out the fundamental tone, even though it has an EC2 on it and is well tuned
Its because its an EC2. Most drums will sound a lot richer with a drumhead that allows a fuller response, like a coated Ambassador.

Your floor tom will give off a range of frequencies from low to high. Your hearing, the room, the microphones/EQ and the engineer will decide which of those frequencies everyone else is going to hear. Although its the sound engineers are going for when they amplify a kit, it wont necessarily sound deep and full to the crowd either. The bigger the venue, the LESS fullness and bottom-end they will hear.