So I finally started a blog about drums


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It’s not about how to build them or how to play them, though. I’ve been thinking for a few years about an ongoing series of articles directed at drummers, including things they should know about their drums, what to look for, how to adjust them to best advantage, how parts of a drum’s design actually work – and why -- and how it all helps the artist produce nuances and sounds from the instrument. (Yes, contrary to popular belief, a drum is a musical instrument.)

Why am I not writing these thoughts in online discussions? Because, like with most online discussions, it’s hard to tell what’s fact and what’s opinion, and it’s hard to know who the actual people behind those avatars and screen names are.

Why not in a drum magazine column? Because I want to be able to get into real detail at times, and I want to be able to take an occasional stand on some things the industry big guns might disagree with.

Anyway, take it for what it is, and I hope you find it informative, helpful, and enjoyable! No subscriptions, etc., involved.

I’ll be adding more thoughts and ramblings periodically. Feel free to suggest topics you might be interested in – if I have anything useful to say about them I’ll do my best.