So I’ve made an adjustment!

Bo Eder

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After playing the 5A stick most of my professional life, I wanted some more beef. I initially jumped to the 5B and found it a little too heavy. When some of you hipped me to the Vic Firth 55A, I bought a few pairs to try, and initially my hand condition wasn’t having any of that and I went back to the 5A. Since I’ve been on quarantine, I put all the 5A’s away and made my hands get used to the 55A’s and this week it finally felt normal! So I think I’ve made the jump to a new normal.

Ironically, when I put the 55A up against the 5B, the length and width are identical. What makes the difference is the acorn bead on the 5B is a little larger, and the taper is a little shorter. I can probably go between the two sizes and it won’t feel too weird.

Problem is, what do I do with 12-pairs of brand new Vic Firth 5A’s? First world problems.....



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I been using Vic Firth AJ 3 and MJC 3 I think they’re very similar to 55 A’s also. I really like the extra length


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I am using 55A now and have been for a while. My scientific measurements are: they just feel right.


Sorry I cant help, 5As are slightly fatter than I like. Hope you find a loving home for them.
Yea, I'm a 7a guy for well over a decade. I really enjoy the vater manhattan 7a and most of the time use it's bastard (cheaper) brother, the sound percussion 7a, because I can get 3 pair for the price of 1 vater pair. The Zildjian 7a works in a pinch but it never was as durable as the vater or sp. The vf 7a was always way too short for me.


@Bo Eder You could always post a trade/sale in BST. Vf 5a is an extremely popular stick and I'm sure someone would be interested. You could always donate to a local school or church or even host a PIF for new members here as well. All my old gear that I don't feel like going through the hassle of selling gets donated to the school my wife works at.


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My favorite stick is the 55A / .580. At our small church, I use a 5A, but there has been talk of moving to a larger space. Then I will go back to the 55A / .580. Peace and goodwill.