So... How about those new Black Panthers?


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sound clip looks promising.

When i got the Black Panther Cherrywood 12 x 7 i was blown by its quality.
happy that they're stepping up and carrying so much variety in their snares!


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I p/u the 6.5X14 hammered brass bp a few months ago and it's amazing. I'm still looking for a great deal on the maple/elm. That thing is a beauty.


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I have the new 14" x 6.5" Walnut. OH MY. What a snare it has such a crack to it, but with a nice depth aswell. It is very lively and bright, i felt that the maple one from the recordings anyway were a little bit dead and bland.


The blaster seems amazing to me.
I already have the 13x6 cherry and it's incredible for it's price tag.

I always preferred a 13x7 size and that's exactly what they're doing now. This time maple and walnut reinforced rings, sick beast. Smooth dark finish, hi gloss.

I'd take this one and switch the lugs to small 1" tube lugs if the holes could fit. To me, it would be the perfect snare!


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Sorry to "bump" this thread, but I'm just wondering if the sledgehammer snare is 13x6.5" like it says in the March edition of ModernDrummer or if it's 14x6.5" like it says on the mapex site?



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cool thanks.

it's too bad though, my dream snare for the past few months has been a hand hammered Brass Snare that was 13x6.5" and while reading the latest modern drummer an ad at the back said it was 13" diameter so naturally i got excited and then confused when i checked it out on the Mapex website. oh well.

After listening to it, it definitely sounds like something I'm gonna check out.