Snare x Hi-Hat height x Throne ratio


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To add my very own idiosyncrasy to all the great anal threads on this forum about throne heights, cymbal angles, shell thicknesses etc, how many of you obsess about the hihat height in relation to the snare and the throne?

I like having the hi hat as low as possible, but since I play cross handed ( most of the time ) , it also needs to be high enough not to have my sticks clash coming off the snare.

Its a thing with me, and since I play on a lot of backline drums, I can get pretty neurotic about constantly adjusting these three pieces of gear.

Anybody else spend their valuable time weirding out like this?



I do the same, I always try to have my hi hats as low as possible, yet they always have to be high enough so I dont clash sticks. I also have to have my throne in the position where I dont hit my leg with a rim shot, so thats as low as possible and they all kind of interlock...If that all makes sense? :S
In short, I'm the same.