Snare whine


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Hello. I have been trying to learn how to tune drums and I have this reoccurring problem with my snare wires making this whine/ring. I've tried tightening the reso head and that didn't seem to fix it. Am I just putting the snare wires on wrong? I've tried other snare wires too, but no luck. Any insight would be appreciated!



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First off are you bouncing the stick in these samples?

Secondly lets discuss the type of snare you have, brand and wood and what heads you are using.


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Maybe the snares are mounted incorrectly. Try threading the string/strap/ribbon differently so the end of the snare sits flat on the drumhead. And make sure the snares aren’t stretched sideways, and are an even distance from each end.


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Don’t know what else might be contributing by way of tuning, but those snare wires are way, way too tight and are choking the drum. Try loosening them until they’re barely making contact, then tighten slowly until you’re just getting sensitive response. That’s all you need in terms of wire tension.

I’d also suggest backing off some tension on the reso head. Super-cranking a head reduces the movement of the head against the wires, which means less wire response. It’s OK to have the reso head tight, but it’s easy to overcrank it to the pointed of hurting the sound instead of helping it.