[SNARE TEST] DRUMSOUND Italy : Handemade German Beech 14x6 Rebel series


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[SNARE TEST] DRUMSOUND Italy : Handmade German Beech 14x6 Rebel series

Hi guys !

Let me introduce my new snare from Drumsound. For those who do not know this brand, this a amazing Italian drum maker based in Torino. I’m absolutely fond of Italian drums, for me they are building the best drums (particulary Tamburo and Drumsound).

This is a « Mother of nature Rebel serie » from DS, those models are made « on request ». This is a 100% handmade snare. I personnaly went for the All German beech on in 14x6 because of its versatility. There are lots of choice avaible on those series : Vertical Bubinga, Exotic Tamo, Exotic Tulipwood, Carpathian Elm etc

The only limit with Drumsound is the sky 

About the German beech one :

- 100% selected German Beech wood, 13 ply (12 + 1 outer double lacquered finish ply)
- Handmade in Torino
- HDS – High Density Shell Tecnology (vertical Grain)
- Special Snare bed
- 3mm Triple Flanged hoops
- Die Cast DS strainer
- 22 strand phosphore snare wire
- Full Evans Heads

How it sound :

This is a great and very versatile snare with good low ends and equilibrated tones. Somewhere inbetween Maple and Birch I would say. Sounds great for Pop Rock Groove and Folk musics.

Video :


Pictures :

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Very nice :) I applaud the honest recording approach too. Surprisingly dry recorded sound given the hoop spec - good though.



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DS is a great make. I've played a DS kit in a rehearsal room and it was solid, great sounding and very well made. Looked great too.


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As Jeremy Bender said above you must change the video settings (« Cette vidéo est privée »)!


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The thread is 5,5 years old and the last time thread starter was here is almost 3 years ago..

I think he will not see this..🙂