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Hi all, I recently joined a rock/reggae style project and I'm looking for a snare with more "pop" but still with some body to it. Would you recommend a metal snare or a small maple? My local store doesn't have any in stock that fit my sound requirements, so I thought I'd get some opinions on here. Thank you!

Bo Eder

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I'd recommend a nice fat metal drum cranked way up. Check out Steve Jordan, he's famous for stuff like that. If you like wood snares, a fat Brady drum from Australia made out of jarrah-wood staves would be my next recommendation. The drum should be at least 6" deep.


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A deep 13"er would suit you well. The Steve Jordan drum would be a good fit, as would the Akira Jimbo snare, the Yamaha Musashi, or any of the deep brass shells currently available on the market. A deep 14"er would work too, but play before you buy so you know it won't choke on you.


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I'm lovin the new Mapex Black Panther snares and they have a couple of 13"s and a couple of 12"s you should check out.

You should definately consider a 12" snare too. They sound amazing!.

Dont limit yourself on the diameter, depth or material.

You need to hear and see to deside.

Go here to look and listen-
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