snare (re)build - the diary


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As promised in another thread, I decided to post a diary of my rebuild of an old Mapex Meridian snare I had floating about.

Firstly, this particular drum has had a million and one finishes over the years, as I have used it as a test bed for both stain and wrap finishes I have done for other people. I decided to try my hand at spray-painting this one (how hard can it be?!) as I can't stain it again, and I'm sick of wrapping it!

I have a your coming up, kicking off for a week in Greece, and decided I didn't want to risk my SJC with the baggage handlers. this started as a simple re-finish on a pretty destroyed drum, and seems to be escalating into something a bit more unique.

oh, and for the record, this is all being done from rattle cans - I don't have access to a spray booth or anything, so I'm trying to get the finish as good as I can with what i have available!

First picture is the drum stripped and sanded back ready for primer. the 3" vents have been (roughly) cut, and will be filed and sanded to a smooth roundover once the finish is applied.

Second picture is primed

Third picture is the snare after paint (I call the colour 'Grandma's Purple Fiesta' as it is almost identical to a car my nan once owned!) but before clearcoating. the weather is questionable at best here, so the clearcoating is on hold until I get a good day here.the lines around to top and bottom are the tape protecting the bearing edge, and not paint defects.

any comments or ideas always appreciated!!!!!



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Have shot the clear coats today, with a silver glitter additive and it's looking great. Just need to wait for a while before I buff it up to a good gloss shine. It's everything I can do not to jump on it straight away, but I think that's going to be detrimental to the final finish. However, I may strip the tape, and file the vents smooth tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be at a point where I can polish and buff!


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It's done!

Just need to get to a computer to upload my pictures for you all to see. I could go further with it, but figured that would defeat the object of why I'm doing it in the first place!!!! I mean if I put that much effort into it and love it, I'm not going to want to ship it to Greece in a hurry.

What I can say us I have the drum-building bug now, and I'm already looking at some shells and hardware for a full build from scratch...... Watch this space!


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Nothing wrong with rattle can if you know what you are doing. I have a full auto paint set up, but sometimes the quick set up (zero time) and quick clean up (also zero time) is so tempting, it out weighs mixing the paints, setting up the gun and then the time consuming gun clean up afterwards.