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I own the 6” N&C Alloy Classic and have owned the Tama Starphonic Aluminum both are great snares and are the only two on your list I would consider owning .
I do like Ludwig Black Beauty snares but the raw brass versions are not really my cup of tea . They sound nice but the appearance is just not for me .
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None of the above. I have played none of them, can afford none of them*, and am super happy with my 70s acro and dw perf. maple.

*maybe the Pearl, but I'd have to want a steel snare
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Thanks for everyone that voted, I found it educational with a few surprises, didn't think the raw brass would be so popular but it is a Ludwig...there is no time limit so perhaps more members will vote in. I've neither played all the models on the list, but was most familiar with the Alloy NC and everything else would be models I'm most interested in checking out (not the last drum you ever play in your life type of vote)

Would be great to do a part 2 poll if drummers here are interested, perhaps more familiar territory of iconic time-tested models from each major company. This way members can say they actually 'played' something on the list.

Initials thoughts:

Tama - Bell Brass
Ludwig - Supraphonic, Acrolite, BB, jazzfest
DW - Edge
Pearl - Free Floater
Yamaha - perhaps Anton Fig Signature or RC (?)
Dunnett - Titanium
Slingerland - Radio King
Gretsch - do they even have an iconic snare...maybe COB?
N&C - SS
Rogers - Dynasonic
Sonor - heavy beech phonic I'm guessing (help sonorians)

Anything else time tested and worthy as 'iconic'?

can afford none of them

Not even $180 on the Pearl Utility? :(


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I don't buy that for one second 🤣🤣
Well, its true.

The same reason why the Supra/Acro are so loved. They sit perfectly in the recording/live mix. Because they are cast shells they have a bit more bite too when played live.

And with the 5p butt on the 14'' combined with head selection and tuning, I get more then enough sounds to warrant only one main snare in my collection.


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I haven't played ANY of these snares but I have a soft place in my heart for affordable, workhorse instruments. My vote goes to the Pearl Utility snare. With good heads and careful tuning, I bet that "cheap" Pearl can blow the socks off the fancy $1,000 snares!


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All my snares are iconic, modelled after three of my favourite drummers:
A Ludwig Legacy 6.5x14 that sounds exactly like Roger Taylor;
A Gretsch 4157 very similar to that of Phil Collins (mine is a bit deeper than his, and mine is RB while his is SSB);
A Premier 2000 that is the exact same make as Keith Moon's.