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Thought it would be fun to run a snare poll. Here are DCP's picks for 2021 and I think it's a good list:

Here are the video files to give a listen:

Snare DrumMaterial DesignSizePrice Range
Pearl Modern Utility Steel Snare DrumSteel snare14” x 6.5”$180 – $315
Hendrix Archetype Stave Bubinga Snare DrumWood14” x 6.5”$800 - $1400
Tama Starphonic Aluminum Snare DrumAluminum6” x 14”$500 - $800
A&F Maple Club SnareMaple14” x 5”$1000+
British Drum Company Merlin Snare DrumMaple and birch14” x 6.5”$700 – $1100
Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic Snare DrumCast aluminum14” x 6”$810 - $1350
Ludwig Supraphonic Raw Brass Snare DrumBrass14” x 6.5”$700 - $1000+
Schagerl Antares Snare DrumBrass14” x 8”$1800+
Canopus ‘The Maple’ Snare DrumMaple14” x 6.5”$587 - $840
Dunnett Classic Stainless-Steel Snare DrumStainless steel14” x 6.5”$795+


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I've never even seen one of the snares on the list in person, what am i supposed to be selecting?
You can watch the video link above to give a listen for the entire list if you haven't; I don't expect many people have played Schagerl or even A&F. Thought the price ranges would be a factor for most, so select as if you are buying for yourself.


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This is a nonense, unless you have played these snare drums in person you really can’t make are an informed decision on them let alone rank them. The feel and functionality of a drum cannot be gauged from afar.

But I wouldn't go as far to say this is 'nonsense'. Most members have bought online on the exact same premise, except that a poll is completely risk free of purchase, just a simple opinion poll based on videos provided. And you don't have to rank them, if one caught your ear then lay down a vote...pretty simple.

You could go as far to say that testing in a shop isn't enough either, far from it. Unless you play it with your kit, record it and/or in a musical setting and various rooms then you really don't know what you have...takes a while to know an instrument.

Steady Freddy

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I have a A&F wood drum but it's a solid shell and the N&C alloy classic. Both are great drums!


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I currently have 112 snares - including 4 Canopus (Canopii?) and 7 Dunnetts - and none of them are on that list!

The closest I get is my 5x14" Ludwig Raw Brass, so I voted for the 6.5" in the poll.


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I have neither seen nor heard any of those snare drums. My favorite is my Saturn V 14x5.5 that came with my set. Peace and goodwill.

Jeremy Bender

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I have one of the drums on the list, N&C Alloy Classic- none of the others.
It's a fine sounding drum but not the favorite I own.
So I guess N&C by default from this list.
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Neal Pert

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I'm amazed that Dunnett hasn't alienated every drummer out there. God love him.

Anyway, odd list, but to my amazement I've owned three of these drums and I've owned a couple black beauties and assume the raw brass can't be THAT different. The only one I've owned that I didn't vote for was the Dunnett.
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going with ludwig since i own one but don’t know if a “supraphonic raw brass” exists

I think this drum has an identity crisis, this was how DCP labeled it...where they got 'Supra', IDK. "Raw Brass Phonic" is in the Ludwig catalogue. It's description is over the map, with either a 1 or 1.2mm shell that says it is plated but clearly not. So are these essential BB shells un-plated or not?

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I have a Dunnett Classic SS 6.5X14. It's beastly & black with Olivia DeBernardinis pinup girls decals. It sounds & looks amazing.
Doesn't make sense at all. They're all decent drums i guess, but at the end it's all about your personal taste when you hit a certain drum. No YT video can reveal the subtleties of different drums in all facets.