Snare Muting Stick Technique and Reggae


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I saw the thread about rim shots and compression, but I just got off a cruise ship, and I am trying to unpack some the cultural things I saw before I forget them, so I haven't read it yet.

One of the cruise ship bands was a reggae band, and they played pretty much day and night, so I had some time to observe. They leaned heavily on Bob Marley of course, but they played a number of authentic Reggae tunes, and island tunes which I looked up, as well as some of the Motown numbers and jazz standards.

Anyway, the drummer was pretty good, and played a bunch of rim shot breaks that just set up the groove. One of the techniques I saw and heard was what appeared to be a mute stroke, like he would hit a fat back beat on two, on one he would touch the head and leave the stick on it. Thinking back, I remember a slow motion video that showed a rock drummer that prepared his stroke with a touch of the head.

Also, does anyone know the relationship between Samba Heggae, Reggae and Bahia Beat Samba? I was practicing the Bahia groove before I left based on Toddbishop's link, maybe that is what made me notice muting techniques, because the surdo in Bahia has a mute stroke.