Snare KILLS ears


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Hey guys!
My snare is a Joey Snare and its 6.5 inches deep and that might have something to do with it :p But my snare kills my ears , not when im sitting it , but if somebody else plays it and i listen from far back.
No other part of my drumkit is loud like that , so i was wondering if tuning it lower would make it quieter or any other methods?
Thanks guys!


Surprisingly, playing it at a lower level (ie. quieter) than the other drums might help.


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Agreed. Try practicing some dynamics. Only drums hit hard are loud. At least that's my finding of the research.


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I have a snare with similar tribulations. It is louder than my other snares and I have to adjust my playing accordingly. I have noticed that when the snare is tuned lower (less tension on the top and bottom heads) it isn't quite as ear splitting. That may or may not apply to your snare as mine is brass.


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My dad bought me this snare as a graduation girt. So far I'm loving it. It's got a huge pop. I have a coated emperor for the batter head. My dad said it would be even louder with a clear emperor on it. I have it tuned medium high and it doesn't bother my ears.


This is just to add to what I said earlier. I play a 13x6.5 Musashi Oak. If you want LOUD, then that snare is just that. At gigs last year (when I was playing in a metal-ish band) the local engineers simply wouldn't mic it up, they'd hear me playing during soundcheck and change their minds. But I have also played with a swing ensemble with the same drum. It's all about the touch - tuning does have something to do with it too, but I generally keep my snares the same and then work around that with my playing.


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dynamics are key, yes.

but not to mention, that snare is meant to be LOUD and in your face.

thats why i have it. my snare rarely gets miced...



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I have the Joey Snare aswell, tuned nice and tight for the glorious POP it produces.

When I had it tuned lower for a more rock-ish sound, it was definitely quieter.
So yes, perhaps try tuning it a little lower.

But then again, Drums are loud - plain and simple.

I can't play without earplugs because it's just too loud,
with earplugs it's so much more enjoyable.

If you are liking how it's tuned now, then keep it like that and use some earplugs,
you will not regret it.