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Re: HELP>>best guess at this snare

I just scored this snare on ebay..I asked if a magnet sticks to shell and he replied no.. I think it is a supra with black magic hardware..but due to the condition of shell I'm keeping fingers crossed it may be brass..he also said it has a blue/olive badge. Either way its a good score.

A magnet won't stick to brass........or aluminum(Ludalloy),so a magnet test,in this case only proves,that the shell isn't steel,like the seller claims.Some stainless supra prototypes are rumored to exist,but I've never seen one......but it's Ludwig,so it's possible.

I don't see any extra holes,so if it comes with the P-85 strainer,and P-32 butt(as pictured),it's a supra,possibly brass,likely ludalloy.Nice price.:)

Steve B