Snare Head Problem


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Recently, I bought a Pork Pie maple snare 6.5 x 14. I wasn't too happy with its stock heads so I switched the G1s and Hazy 300 from my Metalworks Snare to my PP snare. Now I recorded with the snare and it gives a really bad overtone. To be honest I like ring and all, esp. on the Metalworks the ring was perfect. But on the PP there's a ring that makes it sound metalic. Is this a sound I would get from a 6.5 deep maple snare or do the heads need to be replaced? The head is a year old :p but it sounded great in this recording not too long ago on my steel snare

Sorry for the post its just im scared to buy another G1 and it sounds like this again on my PP.
Because the G1 on my Metalworks the ring was actually "pleasant."
It is never a good idea to use a 'used' head when you are going for studio-quality sound. The head will be dead before you place it on the new drum and will not present a sound true to its character. The only time I will use a used head is MAYBE for my back-up snare in a live situation.

Wood snares are not always less 'ringy' than metal snares, so I would suggest going with some sort of single ply head with a dot on the bottom like the Remo CS or the Evans equivalent for the PP snare. This will give you a single ply sound with more focus, less ring, and more durability and punch than the G1.

Honestly, wood snares sound great with coated two-ply heads as well, like a coated Emperor or G2. This will sound a little warmer than a one-ply head, but have increased volume and punch.


Always use a new head. Your old heads were stretched over the bearing edges of your other snare and most likely took it's shape. Snare heads are under tremendous amounts of tension. In fact if I take off a head from any of my drums, I mark on the box what drum it was previously on so that the next time I use it, it will be on that particular drum. Depending on the age and condition of those heads, they still might work on the drum it came off, but buy new heads for the maple.

Two ply heads are plenty sensitive in my experience. Yes, one ply heads are more sensitive than two-ply, but I doubt that you will notice enough of a drop off to matter.

I would replace the snare side head as well. This is where a lot of your sensitivity will come from, so a used, dead head will just kill a snare drum. Get a new snare side and tune it pretty high, but don't choke the drum. Then tune the Coated G2 to the desired tension, always remaining lower in tension than the snare side head.


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I have a Gretsch 6.5 x 14 maple snare, and I found the best tradeoff between a little overing (which I also like) and too much twang after I hit the drum, came from an Evans Power Center snare head. I tried a few others, like a G2, a Remo Amabassador and Powerstroke, but they didn't match up. The Ambassador, having no dampening, rang like a church bell, and the G2/Powerstroke heads just didn't sound very good. Try a Power Center for a focused, powerful sound.

And I did also use brushes on the Power Center a few times with success, so it can be played sensitively if need be.