Snare Head help


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I have an old Tama Artwood 8" deep snare, currently with a Remo Clear Emperor head on the batter side. Even for an 8", that head gives it a rather bright, crisp sound. I am looking to darken it up and give it more body and depth, while maintaining some attack (I play hard rock and metal).

I am a Remo guy, and want to stick with that brand. I need something durable, so single-ply and ambassador heads are out. I've narrowed my choices down to: Emperor X Coated, Powerstroke P4 Coated, or Powerstroke 77 Coated Clear Dot.

Does anyone have commentary on those heads and what it would do to the sound on an 8" birch snare compared to the Clear Emperor?


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Re: Snare head help

I'd say Emperor X Coated will probably give you a darker sound . Honestly if "darker" is what you are looking for you really ought to look at evans. Their heads don't have as bright a tone as Remo. The evans HD or Onyx series would darken it up. I lean towards remo most times but if I'm looking for a darker tone then I go Evans.


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+1 on the Evans heads, especially stuff like the HD Dry. If you REALLY want to tame your tone, Evans makes Coated Blue Hydraulic snare heads which would give you that really muffled sound, if that’s what you’re looking for. Other that that, an HD Dry or even a plain old G2 would give a little more life to the drum while keeping it a bit “dark”.


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I know you wish to stay with Remo, but I have had a lot of luck with Evans UV1 heads. I use them on my toms, and on all of my snare drums with the exception of my 14 x 6.5 Blackstar Percussion steel snare, on which I use a Power Center Reverse Dot head. I have used the UV1 heads for several months, and they are far more durable than any other head that I have used before. Before I switched over, I used G2 heads on my toms, and the coating did wear off after several months of playing. My toms still sound pretty dark with the UV1 heads on them, but they have a much fuller and warmer tone than they ever did with the G2 heads, and a somewhat stronger attack as well.