Snare Drum Upgrade--Advice Please


If you're open to a non-wood shell, I'd keep an eye out for a chrome over brass (COB) Rogers PowerTone from the '60s or early '70s. They are extremely versatile, have great strainers and should hold their value or even appreciate a little should you decide to sell it later. The 5" are still reasonably priced.


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FWIW, the $269.00 Pork Pie Hip Pig (iron shell) 14 x 6.5 - 8 lug snare...I can't believe how great of a snare this thing is. Believe me when I tell you that I really hate to admit this...but I like it's recorded tone a little bit better than any of my Guru snare drums. Ouch that hurt. I think maybe because it's an 8 lug metal drum, it's pretty wild sounding, which I go for. I like it better than any of the Black Beauties I've owned. I like it better than the same size Supra I had. It beats the snot out of my aluminum 8 lug Oriollo, same size, which I'm not really a fan of. What a great metal drum, the Hip Pig, and the price is a no brainer too.

You can buy a steambent shell from Drum Factory Direct or another source, and pay for the edges to be cut and for the shell to be drilled for your choice of hardware and make your own solid snare drum for a lot less money.

Jeff, who owns Carolina Drumworks, (DW member name here: motleyh) can make you a steambent snare. I have a nice birdseye maple with walnut re rings he made me.


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Honest to gosh - it does not matter which snare drum you use. It really doesn't. But, if you must have a solid recommendation, get the Ludwig LM400, as previously noted. Absolutely zero chance of going wrong with that choice.

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I would have recommended the supra as well, but there might be one thing to think about when buying a used one.

The older ludwig strainers aren't known for being the most impressive piece of craftsmanship on earth, and a worn out mechanism can be pain in the a....

Jazz in particular calls for disengaged wires from time to time, and therefore I need a fully functional snare strainer. Of course it's not a big deal to change the whole thing, so if one likes the supra soundwise, it's always an option.
I definitely agree with you about the old Ludwig strainers being a pain! I replaced the old strainer on my 1969 Supra with a P-86 Millennium model, and I've never had a problem with it! Worth every penny of $60! The P-86 is a way better design to begin with, and the metal parts are thicker and more durable than the flimsy P-83 and P-85.