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Greetings! :)

I have one problem, and that is the sound of my snare. Whenever I listen to Maroon 5, and some other stuff like that, I hear that the snare drum is a solid thump and the snare wires aren't that evident, in short, their snare drums don't 'crack'.

Mine sounds wet, and I always wanted a dry sound with little overtones. Could you suggest on how to make my snare sound dry and solid? I want the snare sound so badly here:

BTW, my snare drum is a Ludwig Supraphonic 14 x 6"... Thanks! :D

- Banj :)
You can get some part of the way easily:
1: Evans Genera DRY on the batter head
2: Hazy 300 or even 200 on the reso - a lighter reso head will give a shorter sustain.
3: Tune your reso tight for a nice sound but make sure it's loose enough either side of the snare bed to allow the snare to sit / dig into the head rather than bouncing around on the surface - that way you can reduce long snare buzz without having the snares so tight they choke the drum.

To get the rest of the way..... well......You need to remember that the sound you are hearing on the video is

1: Not necessarily the sound of the drum seen on screen.
2: The result of close micing with probably two mics ( one on each head ) plus an ambient mic, plus compression, plus EQ, plus gating, plus pitch shifting, plus anything else they can think of...... oh, and probably some moongel or gaffa to damp the sound to just what they want.

One thing to realise is that, come a live gig, that same drummer's snare drum will sound dramatically different to him as he sits at the kit from how it sounded to you on the record.

It's good too, to remember that much of the "boing" that we are always trying to minimise actually gets lost on the sound of the overall kit, and indeed can help the snare project.

In short, I can see what you're aiming for, but don't get too hung up on the fact that you're only going to get part way to it in "real life"


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@randrade89 I used the Rem-O's, and it helped a lot! Thanks, man. :D

@garethfoxwilliams Thanks for the tips! I now know why recorded songs sound so good, especially the drums! :)


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You're not wrong there !!!!! My brother in law is a "home" sound engineer but he's got up to a really good standard, I set up home recording when he came down one weekend, you should have seen what he did to the equaliser just on the hats, bent it totally out of shape and suddenlty they sounded ABSOLUTELY amasing !!!!!!!!

My snare sounds similar ish to that, I've loo roll folded up and stuck with a piece of gaffer tape to the reso which is reasonably tight and an O ring on a cranked batter and the core sound is very similar.


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Maybe its just my speakers or my faulty ears but the snare in the video sounds anything but 'dry' as you are describing. I hear overtones in the snare. In fact, I would say that those are the dominant things I am hearing out of the snare. Its almost like the St. Anger sound. If St. Anger is turned to 10, I would describe this one as a 6.5/10. Also, there are a few hits in there that are clearly a different snare being played.