Snare Drum Rims

double bass man

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Can you use a snare rim as a batter rim? Any difference between the two rims? The reason I an asking is I have found a snare rim that I want to make my own--thin---practice head to practice brush work.


"Uncle Larry"
Yea no problem. Not ideal, but it works. The snare side rim will have slots in it for the cords/straps, that's the only difference.
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What Larry said - no problem doing that, especially for the purpose you've stated. Of course, doing any rimshots with a stick in the area of the cutouts could bend the hoop, but that's not what you intend to do. Proceed, sir.



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My only concern would be having the snare cut outs where you may be doing rim shots. Obviously the weak spot of the rim. Gee Dee Emm