Snare drum improvement


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I'm in a (wide ranging) covers/rock'n'roll band, playing a 14x61/2 Pearl Ultracast snare; good but doesn't satisfy me. I'm considering changing to a Ludwig Black Beauty Supraphonic, either 5" or 6.5". Is this the best option in this price range, 5" or 61/2", I need versatility and top quality!


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I play a 5" black beauty and decades ago played a supraphonic 400. Since you're playing
mostly rock I would go with 6 1/2" and not 5". Find a black beauty and listen to it. I love mine!


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First choice would be a Ludwig 6.5.
But if you don't have the money, or want to spend less, try a Pearl Sensitone or Pearl Ian Paice Signature, both 6.5. They are very similar in sound for half the price. Check them out.


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A five inch would be perfect for Funk or Poop music.

The 6.5 would be good for rock or where you need more body and less crack.

I'd go for the 6.5 save and buy a 5 and have both!

Ludwig BB are amazing.


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Thanks everyone for your advice. If I decide on a BB, are the new ones the same quality as earlier models? and does the choice of lugs, (classic or tube ) affect the sound?


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In that kind of range, I would be having discussions with Andy about a Guru snare. In my view, there is no better snare for the money.