Snare drum: clamped or parked?

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Unless you're playing upside down there is no need to clamp..........


There have been threads in the past on mounting a tom on a snare stand and whether this chokes the drum. It does.

I use the Ludwig Pro II snare stand with my tom which allows me to get the drum snug without choking it. It comes at the drum at a different angle and has some small isolation mounts that match up to a standard rim. I've done side-by-side comparisons and it really does what Ludwig claims it does - not choke the drum.

I've been thinking of getting another to replace my snare stand.

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To be precise. I have found that clamping my snare drum and tom tightly in a snare stand kills some of the sustain. Not necessarily the tone. Yes, I guess "choke" might be a good term for it.



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To me clamping the drum in the stand sounds like you're pressing three fingers against the shell/rim somewhat tightly. That has to effect the shell's ability to resonate and the resonance is what I love about drums. They just sound more musical with it in there.