Snare advice - pork pie vs mapex vs others. PLEASE HELP ME


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So ive been researching for a new snare to buy. I am interested in perhaps a 13 incher because i like a medium to high tension, and i want something quite deep (6.5 or 7"), because i want to be able to have cut and projection while still maintaining some low end in my sound. I am undecided as to shell material, most probably maple or brass. I play a lot of rock, metal, punk, hardcore and also funk and fusion, if that gives any idea of the sound i might be looking for.
Ive listened to a lot of sound samples and videos and i've narrowed it down to a small group of choices that are around my budget.
They are:

Pork pie patina brass 13x7
Pork pie little squealer vented maple 13x7
Ludwig black magic brass 13x7
Mapex black panther Phat Bob maple 14x7
Mapex black panther Sledgehammer hammered brass 14x6.5

I am currently leaning towards the patina or the squealer, but still undecided.
Any advice would be most appreciated, or if you have any other suggestions i would be very glad to hear them.