Snap shot photos going through your mind


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Over the years..and this may just be unique to me but there are things that have stuck out in my mind from various bands over the years. One was of a guitar player playing a black strat playing Gary glitters rock&roll..he would also say thank you by sliding his hand up and down the low E string after some tunes. Seeing Randy Castillos chrome Ludwig one up two down kit on a riser at a local club..seeing the drummer for Red Ponys copper slingerlands..Mark Crannys double bass flat black Ludwig kit 6 feet in front of me...a Zickos kit played by a drummer in a band called Southern cross. Being directly in front of the stage hearing the Outlaws break into Green grass and high could go on with snap shots that have never left my mind over the decades. Anyone else have these?


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Deep Purple MK II reunion playing Philly in '85: When they broke into Space Truckin' on the wall over the stage there was a HUGE laser projection of a dude tapping his foot to the music. One more.... seeing The Band on The Last Waltz tour I became an instant life-long fan of Levon Helm's drumming (and simultaneous singing) and didn't take my eyes off him the entire show! To this day the best live drum sound I've ever experienced.


I went to see Gorillaz during the Plastic Beach tour. The tickets were very expensive so my wife got (this was a gift to me) the best she could afford which were pretty far in the back of a large theater. I didn't care about the distance of the seats, I was so pumped to go. Long story short we go inside to sit down and literally the entire back half of the theater was empty. We joked about sneaking up a few rows but didn't of course, we wanted to be honest. A few minutes later two huge jacked security guys come storming up to us with flashlights demanding to see our tickets, we were very confused and worried. They looked at each other and both nodded then they handed us our tickets back and the one guy smiles and says, "You can come with us, the event undersold expectations so we are giving you a free upgrade. This way please." And they took us to something like the 10th row from the front dead center. Absolutely the most solid and fantastic live musical performance I have ever seen in my life. To have, at times, 30+ people on stage who are all seasoned professionals from various backgrounds and styles all be absolutely 100% in sync was breathtaking. At one point Damon asked them to turn on the houselights and he, with a tear in his eye and quiver in his voice, expressed his immense appreciation for us coming out and explained how he honestly never believed his humble little project (Gorillaz lol) would ever make it at all let alone become popular in the USA. My wife said, "dude, do you realize these seats here were several hundred dollars a piece?"


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White. Leather. Jacket.

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This happens to me with videos when I hear a song. A song will come on the radio, and if I've seen the video enough, the song makes me think about the video.

It's not a snapshot in time per se, but it is a part of musical history that keeps repeating itself in my brain from an external stimuli.

Lots of times I will hear a song, and it transports me back to where I was the first time I heard it. That's something else also, but equally as cool.

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Oh gosh yes, some performances were so powerful they made an everlasting impression.
I can vividly remember Phil Collins from the Mama tour in '83 bathed in lights singing "In the Cage" with Chester's big drums and Tony's keyboards vibrating the arena floor.
I remember watching Buddy Rich playing a blistering solo one night at a club. Insane speed and power yet with total control.

Great times.
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top 5 burned in my mind forever:

- Geddy Lee pointing at me and giving me a thumbs up when I saw them 3rd row on the R30 tour...I can now die in peace
- my first Iron Maiden concert on the Piece of Mind tour; in 7th grade. when they first came out on stage < a religious experience
- meeting Franco Harris in the summer of 79 in the parking lot outside of 3 Rivers Stadium; I actually have pics - well, slides - of us in a 3 point stance across from each other
- my first concert ever - the Jackson 5 - in 1974; when they took the stage, the lights, volume and crowd noise
- playing CBGB's back in 91


First one that comes to mind. John Paul Jones opening for King Crimson in the early 2000's. Lights go down and a very heavy bass line ("Zooma") is playing. Out walks John Paul Jones to the dark stage and his fret board is lit up, flashing up and down to the music. The other two members of the trio come out and they play a very cool set, different from anything I would have imagined from him.


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Red Pony back in the day bringing the house down with Riding the storm out at the Liberation. Zero Ted at the Rooftop ballroom opening with Roundabout..Mark Cranny on drums. A band called Sylvester at the Jockey Club the best bar band to this day I've ever witnessed..phenominal.


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Seeing Genesis on the Mama tour in Toronto while in high school. Me and a few friends rented a limo to attend and the driver got as close to the gate as possible. Within the last few hundred yards fans started knocking on the windows and surrounding the limo. When he stopped and a group of high school kids got out there was a loud moan and some boos. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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Being 2nd row for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) tour & seeing Stan Lynch better than I ever had before.
He was a big influence in my teens and I swear I watched him the whole show.

Seeing Neil Peart live for the first time in 1990 was quite the life changing experience.

Then being side stage at Jack Russel's Great White here in town. Meeting him was an eye opener as he was really down to earth despite his issues.