Smells Like Teen Spirit groove


Hello guys!!!
I just finished learning the song but i have a problem with the double bass hit in the main groove. I have a good double bass drum technique and at the end of the song there are a double bass drum hits that i can play very well but i can't play the double bass drum hits in the main groove🤦. There are two examples, the number four that i can play and the number five that i can't play.


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There's double bass in this song? I don't think so. Do you actually mean double bass(or double pedal, same thing)? Or do you mean something else?

Al Strange

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There’s no double bass in this song that I can recall…it’s all single kick. Agree with the guys above! Smash it!:)(y)


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It's one bass drum. It's a pair of 16th notes. If you wanna learn to do that, play "Barracuda" by Heart. That's full of them, back to back. If you can do that, this is a piece of cake.