Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...


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I have a 12x9 mounted tom and found a 13" tom for sale. However, it's 13x8. I think I can probably get past it looking weird.

Is anyone using a set up similar to that: where the larger diameter tom is shorter than the smaller diameter? Thoughts on sound?


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I guess if you had the 13 right over kick and 12 in offset so set lower but tops even it might not be noticeable. It's only an inch shorter maybe a lil faster decay. You might like it?


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I wouldn't discount the nagging feeling the tom depths are going to look weird next to one another.

I've used a 10x9" next to a 13x9" and the matching depth didn't look too bad, but when I put that 10 next to a 12x8" it really seemed out of place visually in a way I couldn't get over.


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That would drive me nuts. But I admit that I'm a guy who will move things over and over until my stand legs are placed the right way...

And then I would do something unnatural like changing out the sizes of all the other drums instead of just getting a deeper 13, haha.
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This isn't what I was expecting at all. I was thinking it was a question about how some 8" toms are as deep as the 10" tom.
I think the difference would drive you nuts to the point that you'd end up with another kit after searching the world for a matching tom. I know that it would bother me and I wouldn't be able to not see it.


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If the toms sounded GREAT together the size thing might make me think I was some cool trend setter. If the two drums sounded mediocre the difference would bug me.


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This gets my vote too. I usually play a 4pc, but if I do 2u/1d it’s 12/10/14, 12/10/16/, or 13/12/16.

I've thought about experimenting with this type of setup. But my free time to be able to practice is so limited that I have to work on the things that I need to work on first, and there's not enough time for that.

Perhaps I'll pull the trigger on the shorter 13" and tell myself that it's all part of the big shell bank I'm trying to build anyway.


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This all probably mean nothing, lol! I was just curious myself but I generally don't like 13s

cylindrical volume:
12x8 = 904.78
12x9 = 1017.88
13x8 = 1061.86

Then there is Nolly's guide to tuning:

8″ – F-F#
10″ – C#-D
12″ – A#-B
13″ – F#-G
14″ – E (maybe F if rack tom)
15″ – D-D#
16″ – C-C#
18″ – A#-B


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If you have the tooling, or live near someone who can do it, you could take an inch off the depth of the 12.


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If you have the tooling, or live near someone who can do it, you could take an inch off the depth of the 12.

That's not even an option I would consider. I like the 12x9, I specifically ordered it. :cool:

Plus, the cost of redoing the reinforcement rings and the logo badges no longer being centered on the shell would drive me nuts.

If I were going to go w/ 12x8 tom, I'd still want a 13x9.


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The average punter in a crowd, or band mate, won’t care as long as it sounds good. Among my many kits is a Sonor ProLite, with 13, 16, and 18 toms. Big drums. Well, a Sonor dealer happened to have a new 7x10” tom in the same blue sparkle finish. I bought it, figuring it would give me some configuration options. The 7” deep 10” tom looks goofy on a double tom stand next to a 10” deep 13” tom. The pitch interval between those drums, however, is just perfect. I couldn’t care less now how it looks. I picked up the 10” at a great price and now I have options. Thanks Sonor Sam! Don’t worry about the aesthetics.