Small holes near bearing edge?


I was replacing the batter head on a maple snare I bought about 2 years ago and noticed three or four small square holes near the bearing edge. This was the first head replacement from the stock head – so the holes were definitely there when it arrived new in the box from the factory.

Is this a common thing? I’ve never seen this on other wood drums. Do you think this should be covered under manufacturer warranty as a defect?



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It wont affect the sound at all... If your really picky you can call up the dealer and I'm sure they will have no problem replacing it.

BTW What kind of snare was it?


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This is very common, I worked in a music store in the drum dept. for years, and this happened quite a bit. It should not effect the sound at all, the only thing you have to watch for or look at is if the plys are coming apart, if not then don't stress about it, like I said I've seen that on cheap kits to good ones. If you want take some good pics of it, send them to the manufacturer and explain your problem, and hey who knows maybe there is a new maple snare in it for you.


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On a drum I had a while ago, it was where the ply didn't quite go all the way around the drum. Whoops. It was a crappy drum and I got rid of it, regardless of the construction. If you dig your drum sound, then don't worry about it.


Thanks for the replies! Wasn't sure if this was common or not.

The drum is a Taye Studio Maple 14x6, which came from the factory with a "Dynaton" batter head. That snare sounded great and that batter head held up for over 2 years, which is impressive for a "stock" head.

Incidentally, when I bought the kit, I had to send the first snare back because the strainer was screwed in to the shell crooked - so the snares couldn’t seat flat on the reso head. They sent me a new one right away and fixed a bunch of other minor issues I had. Great customer service. On the other hand, sloppy craftsmanship on a $400 (list) snare drum from the top of their line is a little disappointing.

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Those holes are called "voids". They just little gaps between the pieces of wood that are sandwiched together to make plys. Like everyone said, they are no big deal, unless they are really big, or if the plys are separating. You can fix them easily, if they bother you: just fill them with wood putty.